Judge Dredd Tour of Duty: The backlash download epub

John Wagner,: Judge Dredd Tour of Duty: The backlash

Judge Dredd Tour of Duty: The backlash


Having instigated a change to the mutant laws in Mega-City One, Judge Dredd and Chief Judge Hershey find themselves at odds with fellow Judges and the majority of the Big Meg's citizens. Enter Dan Francisco: TV star and Judge of the people, who steps up to challenge Hershey's authority. His victory could affect the lives of all mutants currently residing in the future metropolis...This latest Judge Dredd epic is written by 2000 AD legend John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Al Ewing (Zombo), and features art from Colin MacNeil (Chopper), Kev Walker (L.E.G.I.O.N.), Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl), Carl Critchlow (Thrud the Barbarian), and more!

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Author: John Wagner,
Number of Pages: 224 pages
Published Date: 16 Sep 2010
Publisher: Rebellion
Publication Country: Oxford, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781907519239
Download Link: Click Here


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