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National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),: NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training

NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training


NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training introduces the health and fitness professional to NASM's proprietary Corrective Exercise Continuum, a system of training that uses corrective exercise strategies to help improve muscle imbalances and movement efficiency to decrease the risk of injury. This textbook includes several new chapters that were not included in NASM's previous corrective exercise materials, including the rationale for corrective exercise training, assessments of health risk, static postural assessments, range of motion assessments, and strength assessments (manual muscle testing) as well as corrective exercise strategies for the cervical spine, elbow, and wrist. There are more than 100 corrective exercise techniques in the categories of self-myofascial release, static stretching, neuromuscular stretching, isolated strength training, positional isometrics, and integrated dynamic movements included in the text. These, along with corrective exercise strategies for common movement impairments seen in each segment of the body, make this text the premier resource for learning and applying NASM's systematic approach to corrective exercise training.

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Author: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),
Number of Pages: 440 pages
Published Date: 30 Jun 2013
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc
Publication Country: Sudbury, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781284050257
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